Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term POU mean?

POU stands for Point-Of-Use. A point-of-use water dispenser is a dispenser that draws its water direct from the source, like your building’s own water supply. In our application, this is an activated carbon filtration dispenser that can also be referred to as a bottle-less water dispenser.

Do you service my area?

We serve Western Washington State; for a complete listing of our delivery area please click here.

What is included in the rental of the filtration/POU dispenser?

An annual filter replacement and standard maintenance and repair are included with rental.

What happens if there is a problem with the filtration/POU dispenser?

We guarantee service next business day (M-F 8am-5pm PST).

Does Mountain Mist provide filtration/POU to homes as well as offices?

No, we currently only offer this service to commercial customers.

Do I have to sign a contract with Mountain Mist?

No, Mountain Mist doesn’t require contracts. We are a month to month service.

I am worried about leaks and flooding at my place of business, what preventative measures do you have?

There are several safe guards in place to protect against leaks. First, our filtration/POU dispensers are connected to the building's water line after a shut off valve, the same way you would hook up an ice maker or coffee brewer. If necessary, this valve can be manually shut off, immediately stopping the flow of water. Second, our filtration/POU dispensers have additional shutoff valves located where the water supply connects to the dispenser. This allows the water to be turned off at the unit. Third, each filtration/POU dispenser contains a double mechanical back up float system. If a leak was to occur, the floats would rise and trigger an instantaneous shut off of the water. Finally, Mountain Mist uses only the highest grade, independently certified, water lines in our installation built to withstand up to 230 psi (most commercial locations water supply is 60-80 psi).

Are your filtration/POU dispensers and filters certified?

Yes! Our filtration/POU dispensers are UL, CSA, and CE certified, and our water filters hold an NSF certification. For more details click here.

How often do we have to change the filters?

You don't need to change your filter, we take care of that for you! The filters are commercial grade, certified to purify 3,000 gallons of water, and are changed typically every 6-12 months depending on usage

How much is installation?

We provide standard installation at no charge.

Can you connect the filtration/POU dispenser to our coffee and/or ice machine?

Yes. We’ll install a “T” fitting in the filtered water line and can run it to the coffee machines and/or ice makers. This ensures that you are getting the purest water to your coffee and/or ice machine.

What is activated carbon filtration?

Carbon is activated with a positive charge and is designed to attract negatively charged water contaminants allowing the filter to remove chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds (VOCfis) from water.

Can I get specifications on your filtration cartridge?

Yes, a technical sheet is available by clicking here.

General Installation Guidelines

  • The Filtration Unit/POU must be located on a floor that is smooth, level and easily cleaned
  • The Filtration Unit/POU cannot be located next to any heat sources
  • The Filtration Unit/POU cannot be within or adjacent to restroom facilities
  • The Filtration Unit/POU should not be located in constantly damp areas, beneath dripping pipes, or where water may collect underfoot
  • The Filtration Unit/POU can be plumbed to a coffee brewer (Plumbed in brewers only) and/or ice machine
  • Cup dispensers are available upon request at no charge

Location of Electrical Supply

  • The Filtration Unit/POU should be installed no more than 6 feet from nearest electrical outlet.
  • It should be possible to access the outlet when the Filtration Unit/POU is in its final position.

Location of Potable Water

  • The Filtration Unit/POU must be attached to a potable water source.
  • The length of the small bore tubing (usually 1/4") used to connect the Filtration Unit/POU to the water supply should be kept to a minimum and must not exceed 65 feet without increasing the tubing size.
  • If the Filtration Unit/POU location exceeds 25 feet then it may be necessary to call in a plumber at the customer’s expense, this is our maximum distance for standard installation.


  • Standard installation included
  • Annual Filter replacement included
  • Quality assurance assessment at time of service (bi-annual)
  • Service calls are included (i.e. leaking, temperature problems, taste issues)