COVID-19 Information

What are we doing to protect you and us?

Mountain Mist Essential Frontline employees will continue to make every effort to ensure their safety and the safety of our customers. We care about you, our customers, and strive to do everything possible to provide safe clean drinking water directly to you. We as a company will continue to practice proper social distancing and sanitization of our production plant and equipment. Drivers practice the 6ft rule and wear a protective mask and gloves as needed. 

Is it safe to get water and/or coffee delivered?

Yes, all our products and equipment are safe to use! The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has stated that there is "no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted in food packaging."  The water and equipment go through many steps of sanitation to ensure that all our products are compliant with the Health Organization Standards.

Can I sanitize my cooler, bottle, and brewer?

Yes, however, the chances of transmitting COVID-19 by touching surfaces are extremely low according to all health organizations.  If you want to self-sanitize here are steps you can take for each piece of equipment:

Coolers & Bottles:

  • Wipe down spigots on your cooler periodically
  • Wipe down water guard (top of the cooler) on every bottle change
  • Wipe down the top of the bottle before install on the cooler (the neck and cap of the bottle)
  • Do not wipe under the peel-off sticker on the cap as this is already sanitized
Coffee Brewer:
  • Wipe down and or wash brewer basket
  • Wipe any buttons, levers, switches on brewer
  • Wipe down handles on glass pots & air pots
  • Your driver should be exchanging your air pots and glass pots each delivery.  If this is not happening please ask your driver to exchange these for you.
  • If you will not be using your brewer for an extended amount of time, please turn it off to prevent damage to the brewer.  The main power switch is located on the back of the brewer.

Can I get no contact delivery and/or exchange of my equipment?

Yes, we do offer no contact delivery and/or exchange of equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  It is as simple as leaving your empty bottles out for your driver and they will replace them with a full bottle in the same spot.  If you have any special instructions or order changes please call our office at (800) 232-7332 before your route day or send an email to  You can also use the contact us link located at the top of any page.  For water cooler exchanges we can offer the same service in the same way.  Below you will find links for setup videos of your newly exchanged water cooler.

Top-Load Water Cooler:
Click Here to Watch

Bottom Load Water Cooler:
Click Here to Watch

We appreciate your business and welcome any questions you may have.  Please contact us via any of the following ways.

Contact Us Form: Click Here
Phone: (800) 232-7332