Signature Blends

Muir Perfection - Light Roast

Originating in the Sierra Nevada Department in North Columbia, this coffee has pleasing fruit tones that are balanced by an excellent caramel-like sweetness, leading to an overall richness creating a classic profile.

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Sunrise Blend - Medium Light Roast

Originating in Brazil, Pacific Island and Central America, this blend is smooth with hints of chocolate and roasted nut flavor. Named for its wild and aggressive taste, Sunrise Blend truly agrees with the "creative thinker".

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Paradise Blend - Medium Dark Roast

Originating in the Aceh region on the Island of Sumatra, this blend has a heavy aroma and syrup-like texture that is earthy and strong with a bittersweet dark chocolate finish creating a memorable cup of coffee.

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Summit Exposure - Dark Roast

Originating in South America, Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua, the smoky dark chocolaty flavor of this coffee has a smooth finish. Released from the roaster just prior to acquiring a charcoal taste, this creates a rich coffee without bitterness often found in classic “Seattle-style” espresso blends.

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Rainier Ascent - Dark Roast

Originating in Papua New Guinea and Central America, this coffee has a pastry aroma that is full bodied with a roasted finish. On the opposite end of the taste spectrum from lighter coffee, Rainier Ascent has a smooth, smoky aftertaste that is unique to such a dark-roasted coffee.

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