Thank you for your interest in our donation program. Mountain Mist is a local, family-owned company located in Puyallup, WA. As such, we are committed to giving back to our community which includes employees, family, neighbors and customers. We receive many, many requests for donations each year. Unfortunately, we can only contribute to a limited number of causes, events and organizations that request donations.

To ensure your request reaches the appropriate department in a timely and efficient manner, an online Donation Request Form has been created for submission through this site. Please submit proposals for donation requests 30 days prior to the date of activity or event for Mountain Mist to consider request approval. Decisions on whether to donate or not are made at the sole discretion of Mountain Mist management.

Water Donations

Donations are typically defined as requests for complimentary or free of charge product supporting civic and /or community functions and organizations such as non-profit activities, water education, disaster relief, disadvantaged communities and environmental protection activities. Water donations make up the vast majority of our philanthropic efforts each year. We contribute water to many local charitable organizations, recreational activities and civic functions. We make water and product donations each year to events such as Relay for Life, Bank to Bay Run, Renton River Days and more. We also donate water on emergency occasions when local governments declare tap water contaminated or otherwise not fit for human consumption.

Sponsorship & Financial Donations

Mountain Mist does not typically offer financial donations except to the occasional environmental conservancy or humanitarian project such as the new water well Mountain Mist assisted in funding and drilling for a poverty stricken village in Peru in 2010. However, if you feel you have a project we may make an exception for, please contact us via email at Thank you for contacting Mountain Mist regarding your donation request!

Community Partners