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Muir Perfection

Originating in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in North Columbia, this coffee has pleasing fruit tones that are balanced by an excellent caramel-like sweetness, leading to an overall richness creating a classic profile. 

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Marley One Love

One Love is a classic medium roast blend, full of floral notes and revealing hints of blueberry, cocoa, and spice. This well-rounded coffee tantalizes the palate, leaving a profound cherry finish.

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Starbucks Pike Place and Verona

Starbucks Pike Place Roast is a medium, smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nut, it’s perfect for the daily cup. If you are looking for a darker roast coffee, then try the Starbucks Caffe Verona with notes of dark cocoa and roasted sweet. Caffe Verona is a full-bodied, multi-region blend of coffees with the sweet touch of Italian Roast.

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Martinson Donut Shop

Donut Shop Blend is the perfect everyday coffee. It’s a mellow, easy-sipping cup that keeps a smile on your face from sunup to sundown.

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Sunrise Blend

Named for its wild and aggressive taste, this medium-dark roasted coffee truly agrees with the "creative thinker". Sunrise Blend is a powerful, full-bodied coffee that finishes with a soft, nutty smokiness.

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Jamaican Me Crazy

This lightly flavored blend is made from estate-grown coffee beans and combines the taste profile of nuts, caramel, Kahlua, and vanilla. Evoke the essence of the island’s "Mon"!

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Summit Exposure

The smoky dark chocolaty flavor of this coffee has a smooth finish. Released from the roaster just before acquiring a charcoal taste, this creates a rich coffee without bitterness.

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ECS Donut Shop

Light roast 100% arabica coffee that is perfect for a daily cup or pairing with your favorite donut. A true North American classic from your favorite corner donut shop.

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Higgins and Burke Teas

Three loose leaf teas ready to brighten your day. Bergamia Grey is a lively black tea with a complex floral finish. Bountiful Green is exactly that. A high quality green Chun Mee and roasted Longjing tea married with a hint of peach and ginger. Lastly, our Lush Berry is a tart hibiscus and juicy summer berry tea that has an aroma that cannot be beaten.

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Martinson and ECS Dark Roast

It is a spooky season. Embrace the darkness with 2 of our full-bodied dark roast coffees. Brew a nice dark cup of coffee, put on your favorite scary movie and enjoy.

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Rainier Ascent

Indonesian beans give this a heavy body and a smooth, smoky aftertaste unique to such a dark-roasted coffee.

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Martinson Cocoa

Made with real milk and imported cocoa this warm and creamy beverage is sure to bring back the memories of childhood. Enjoy a mug today!

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