Install Kit

Filtration Unit/POU Installation Requirements

General Installation Guidelines

  • The Filtration Unit/POU must be located on a floor that is smooth, level and easily cleaned
  • The Filtration Unit/POU cannot be located next to any heat sources
  • The Filtration Unit/POU cannot be within or adjacent to restroom facilities
  • The Filtration Unit/POU should not be located in constantly damp areas, beneath dripping pipes, or where water may collect underfoot.
  • The Filtration Unit/POU can be plumbed to a coffee brewer (Plumbed in brewers only) and/or ice machine
  • Cup dispensers are available upon request at no charge

Location of Electrical Supply

  • The Filtration Unit/POU should be installed no more than 6 feet from nearest electrical outlet.
  • It should be possible to access the outlet when the Filtration Unit/POU is in its final position.

Location of Potable Water

  • The Filtration Unit/POU must be attached to a potable water source.
  • The length of the small bore tubing (usually 1/4") used to connect the Filtration Unit/POU to the water supply should be kept to a minimum and must not exceed 65 feet without increasing the tubing size.
  • If the Filtration Unit/POU location exceeds 25 feet then it may be necessary to call in a plumber at the customer’s expense, this is our maximum distance for standard installation.


  • Standard installation included
  • Annual Filter replacement included
  • Quality assurance assessment at time of service (bi-annual )
  • Service calls are included ( i.e. leaking, temperature problems, taste issues)

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