Frequently Asked Questions

+What does the term POU mean?
+Do you service my area?
+What is included in the rental of the filtration/POU dispenser?
+What happens if there is a problem with the filtration/POU dispenser?
+Does Mountain Mist provide filtration/POU to homes as well as offices?
+Do I have to sign a contract with Mountain Mist?
+I am worried about leaks and flooding at my place of business, what preventative measures do you have?
+Are your filtration/POU dispensers and filters certified?
+How often do we have to change the filters?
+How much is installation?
+What is standard installation?
+Can you connect the filtration/POU dispenser to our coffee and/or ice machine?
+What is activated carbon filtration?
+Can I get specifications on your filtration cartridge?

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